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Welcome to Invoice Guard™

Cost Effective Debt Collection Services By Invoice Guard™

We offer innovative debt collection services at a fixed rate. Rather than paying out up to 50% of your collected debt in fees, you simply pay a small fixed monthly fee while we collect what is rightfully yours.

Invoice Guard™ is a unique program that provides companies of all sizes, no-matter the industry, a protective measure against non-paying receivables.

It is the goal of Invoice Guard™ to not only recover your hard earned money but to re-establish, when desired, constructive dialog between our clients and their customers, thus helping you retain your customer base.

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We Simplify The Debt Collection Process

Invoice Guard™ capitalizes on the strengths of the leverage gained by way of 3rd party intervention.

FACT: 82% of all cases resolved by your average collection agency are done so within 30 days of placement. Reason: Third party intervention. It is a proven fact that third party intervention, often simply knowing that the account has been placed with an outside agency, prompts payment from Debtors who are concerned with their credit and standing in the community.

When using your typical collection agency… You turn a case over for collections for $5,000.00. The Collection Agency collects and charges 30% and it costs you $1,500.00! You repeat this scenario each time you submit a claim. If you submit 10 claims a year that are paid within 60 days after submitting them to a collection agency, it has cost you $15,000.00!

With Invoice Guard™ the situation is different.

You become a member with a monthly payment of $99.99 which totals into $1,199.88 in a year.

A maximum of 48 debt cases are allowed from each member which means you can submit as many as FOUR cases per month. Therefore, instead of paying out $15,000.00 for just 10 cases, Invoice Guard™ provides you with the rare privilege of submitting a total of 48 cases for only $1,199.88. The difference is staggering!

Questions? Call 1-321-319-4131 and speak to an associate RIGHT NOW!



"As a small businessman, I need all my money just to make ends meet. Using Invoice Guard™ has saved me money. As soon as I turned the account over to them, they called my Debtor and he brought a check right over to me."   Read More "Our company thinks your program is fantastic. As a contractor, we always have issues with our payables. You guys are the best! It’s nice to find a product that really is a great value."
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