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How can I place accounts with Invoice Guard™ for collection?

Placing accounts with Invoice Guard™ can be done several different ways:
– Debtor information may be submitted on-line. (You will be provided a user name and password)
– You can fill out the placement form within our info pack and mail or fax it back to our offices.

Why is Invoice Guard™ a better option than a traditional contingency agency?

How much a collection agency recovers goes hand in hand with how hard they work on each particular account. When a collection agency works on a contingency fee basis, their goal is to maximize their bottom line, not yours. Many collection agencies will work only the larger balances and/or the newer accounts. When accounts are placed with Invoice Guard™ each account is worked systematically and thoroughly regardless of its age, size or location.

What if payment goes to Invoice Guard™?

Since our address must be displayed on all letters, debtors will occasionally send a payment to us. We will immediately forward the payment to you and notify you by email that the payment is on the way. Though we advise the debtor to communicate directly with you, we are still the collection agency and the debtor may want to deal with us. In no event will we deposit funds or negotiate any settlement without prior written permission from you.

How can I reach Invoice Guard™?

Our mailing address is as follows:
Invoice Guard™
1806 33rd St.
Ste 180
Orlando FL 32839
By Phone (321) 319-4131
Toll Free (877) 832-2482
Fax (877) 730-5805

Why does Invoice Guard™ recover so much more money than traditional contingency agencies?

Bad debts are not like fine wine, they don’t get better with age. A major factor in recovering delinquent accounts is to submit them to collections IMMEDIATELY. As time passes, people move, get sick, lose their jobs, file bankruptcy, etc. Any of these events can make an account more difficult or at times impossible to collect. When creditors are faced with the possibility of losing 30% to 50% of their money to a collection agency or law firm, they naturally delay when placing accounts for collection.

According to the American Collector’s Association, the average collection account is placed when it is nearly seven months past due! Invoice Guard™’s low flat fee allows creditors to place accounts as early as 1 day past due, when they are more recoverable.

What if the debtor ignores your phone calls and letters for the first 60 days?

You have several options. The first option is a more aggressive approach.
The debt can be referred to The “Invoice Guard™ Collection Network,” on a contingency fee basis. Your second option would be to refer the claim to another collection agency. A third option would be to write the claim off.

How can I locate someone when their mail is being returned?

Prior to the first letter being mailed, each account is matched against credit bureau files and/or postal change of address files. If a new address is obtained, it will be updated within the account information.

What is my obligation when the debtor pays his debt?

If there are additional letters scheduled to be sent to the debtor; you must go to Invoice Guard™, login and close the account in question. Failure to do this can open you to a claim of harassment.

Can Invoice Guard™ collect debts for my type of business?

Yes, Invoice Guard™ can collect on any type of legally owed debt.

How long does it usually take to collect?

The average time to resolve an account with Invoice Guard™ is 41 days and because the debtor pays you directly — there is no faster way to get your money!

When should accounts be placed for collection?

The rule of thumb is: the sooner the account is placed for collection, the higher the likelyhood of recovery. Time is money and money is time. Don’t waste your time throwing good money after bad. With Invoice Guard™, you have already secured our services, so don’t hesitate to utilize them. Let us do what we do best, while you focus on new business. SUBMIT YOUR CLAIMS NOW!



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