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A good number of businesses today go through worry and agony trying to recover debts owed to them. Not many, however, are aware that the time spent going after debtors, if put to better use, would yield more profit for their businesses. Debt collection companies in their hundreds are in operation, ready to help you collect what rightfully belongs to you and help you focus on making the most of your time. The importance of these commercial debt collection agencies is enormous.

According to a study, 82% of all debt cases handled by an average debt collection agency get resolved within a month of placement. This development was linked to the power of third party intervention. It is believed that debtors are quick to pay their debts when they are aware that their account will be or has been forwarded to a debt collection firm.

Of course, similarities exist in the way these collection agencies operate, yet the best among them can still be isolated. One of the agencies that stand tall amidst its contemporaries is Invoice Guard™. There are several reasons why individuals and organizations who have had dealings with Invoice Guard™ regard it as the best. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons.

The typical collection agency charges 30% of the debt collected. If you ask them to collect a debt of $5,000.00, upon successful recovery of that debt they deduct $5,000.00 as charges. In the event you submitted 10 claims in a year and the agency was able to facilitate payments for them within 60 days, you will have to part with $15,000.00 to the collection agency.

With Invoice Guard™ the situation is different. You become a member with a monthly payment of $100.00 which totals into $1,200.00 in a year. A maximum of 48 debt cases are allowed from each member which means you can submit as many as four cases per month. Therefore, instead of paying out $15,000.00 for just 10 cases, Invoice Guard™ provides you with the rare privilege of submitting a total of 48 cases for only $1,200.00. The difference is staggering!

Invoice Guard™ strives to help retain your customer base, rather than only helping out with the debt recovery.

It is now up to you to take advantage of the innovative debt collection service that only Invoice Guard™ offers.

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    "As a small businessman, I need all my money just to make ends meet. Using Invoice Guard™ has saved me money. As soon as I turned the account over to them, they called my Debtor and he brought a check right over to me."   Read More "Our company thinks your program is fantastic. As a contractor, we always have issues with our payables. You guys are the best! It’s nice to find a product that really is a great value."
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