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“As a small businessman, I need all my money just to make ends meet. Using Invoice Guard™ has saved me money. As soon as I turned the account over to them, they called my Debtor and he brought a check right over to me.”

“Invoice Guard™ is GREAT! Last year we spent almost $5,000.00 using a collection agency. With fixed rate collections, we have only spent $100.00 a month. They collected on one of the two accounts we placed with them almost immediately. They also notified us almost immediately that our second account was likely not collectable because the Debtor had dissolved its corporation. Without Invoice Guard™, this same case would have cost us over $1,500.00.”

“I factored an invoice owed my company and the Buyer did not pay as agreed. It almost put me out of business. When I turned it over for collection, my Buyer paid, but it cost me 33% of the money owed to me. I lost a lot of money and had to make up the balance out of my pocket. Since I started using Invoice Guard™, I turn accounts over thirty-one days after they are due. They get me paid and it only costs $100 a month.”

“Before I started this program, I was losing a lot of money every year when I had to assign accounts to a collection agency that was charging me 50% because my accounts were small. About 1/3 of them were not collectable. Still, I have a lot of accounts. Invoice Guard™ is a great deal for me. I can assign all my accounts and get them worked hard by an aggressive firm acting on my behalf. Most of the ones that pay do so fast. I can always tell when they send the first letter because I start getting checks.”

“Our company thinks your program is fantastic. As a contractor, we always have issues with our payables. You guys are the best! It’s nice to find a product that really is a great value.”



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